The gospel makes us a church for the city, and we seek to meet the needs of our city by commissioning cultural engagement, embodying hospitality, demonstrating presence, loving our neighbors, and seeking the common good.

Bowery Mission + 'volunteer opportunity'

Bowery Mission

The fourth Saturday of every month, Central provides a worship service followed by dinner at the Bowery Mission, a not-for-profit serving our homeless neighbors.

Safe Families for Children + 'volunteer opportunity'

Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children connects individuals in our church with families in New York City who are isolated and struggling by providing friendship and support.

Hospitality & Meals + 'volunteer opportunity'

Hospitality & Meals

Central offers three meals every Sunday immediately following each service, and we need volunteers to help prep and serve food.

Sunday Service Teams + 'volunteer opportunity'

Sunday Service Teams

Sunday Service Teams exist to welcome and serve all those who walk through the doors of central with the love and kindness of Jesus Christ. Each team is comprised of 5-10 members who serve together once per month.

Youth Ministry + 'volunteer opportunity'

Youth Ministry

Central’s Youth Ministry is a community of middle school students (6th-8th grade) and high school students (9th-12th grade) who meet on a weekly basis for a meal and bible study.

Take Them a Meal + 'volunteer opportunity'

Take Them a Meal

In the spirit of hospitality, Central has long participated in sending meals to members who have experienced a major life event such as a surgery or birth.